Wild Rice vs. White Rice

Posted: April 3, 2020

I think we can all agree that rice is a staple food around the world, and for many good reasons. It’s quick and easy to prepare, pairs well with almost all foods, it’s affordable and has a long shelf life. It also has dozens of varieties for the world to enjoy. With that being said, wild rice and white rice are the two most common types of rice that people buy and eat. But which is one is better for you?

Rice in general is healthy to eat, but there are differences between them that make some healthier than others.

White Rice and Wild Rice are both composed of carbs, protein, virtually no fat, and key vitamins and minerals. But if we look closely, we can see that one rice is superior to the other. Have a guess to which one that is?  If you guessed wild rice, you guessed right!

You may think we are biased, but the facts don’t lie. Take a look for yourself!

Wild Rice:                                                                              


  • Calories:101
  • Carbs: 21 grams
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams


White Rice:


  • Calories: 125
  • Carbs: 27 grams
  • Protein: 2 grams
  • Fiber: .6 grams


Wild rice is also rich in nutrients, especially protein and manganese. It’s naturally gluten-free which helps boost heart health, promotes bone health and increases energy. Wild Rice is rich in antioxidants and is considered a healthy option, especially when compared to white rice.

The low calorie and high nutrient contents make wild rice a nutrient-dense food. It’s a very impressive source of minerals and a great plant-based protein source. Wild rice is also a good source for powerful antioxidants and may be good for your heart.

Wild rice is one of the highest quality rice products out there, and our Canoe Wild Rice ensures the best quality. With its delicious nutty flavor, crunchy delectable texture, versatile use, and various health benefits, wild rice has earned the right to be titled the superior rice.

Sources: https://draxe.com/nutrition/wild-rice/