Prep Wild Rice and Eat Healthy All Week

Posted: March 16, 2019

One simple way to boost your odds of eating healthy all week? Prep wild rice (or stock up on pre-cooked) and use it as the basis for quick and nutritious meals. Here are three categories to keep in mind. With a little help from our Pinterest boards, you can find endless varieties of salads, soups, and lunch bowls that star our favorite healthy ingredient! If you’re curious how we prepare wild rice in our own kitchens, we’ve got some tips right here.


Wild Rice Salads

 A salad is so easy to put together when you have all the ingredients ready to go! Get the protein you need with this chicken and wild rice salad. One tip for making it quick— use leftover cooked chicken and canned precooked wild rice. Then this recipe is as simple as tossing it together! Besides protein, the wild rice in your salad will also supply vitamins A, C and E.


Wild Rice Soups

Soup is another common way to eat healthier and more mindfully. This veggie-packed chicken wild rice soup is also easy to make in the crockpot any time of year.


Wild Rice Buddha Bowls

One of our favorite ways to enjoy an easy lunch is to layer cooked wild rice in the bottom of a bowl and top with all your favorite healthy veggies and light and tasty dressing. You can even add additional grains like brown rice or quinoa for variety.