5 Easy Wild Rice Dishes for Family Gatherings

Posted: April 15, 2019

When it comes to family gatherings, it can be hard to decide what to bring as a dish to pass. Lucky for you, Canoe Wild Rice is here to make it simple. By adding wild rice to some of the more traditional dishes, you’ll have something fresh and healthy that the whole family will love.

Here are five examples of easy wild rice dishes that are so easy, your family and friends will be asking for the recipe. Put your own spin them and make them your own!  

1. Caramelized Sweet Potato and Kale Fried Wild Rice

This recipe gives a healthy twist to your family gathering. Packed with flavor and mixed with the right amount of sweetness and crunchy goodness, we promise this dish will be everything you never knew you wanted.

2. Three Bean Wild Rice Salad

Salads don’t have to be boring or complicated. Spice things up and impress everyone with this easy and delicious recipe.

3. Cranberry Apple Pecan Wild Rice Pilaf

Who knew something so simple could taste so magical. Show up with this beautiful Wild Rice Pilaf and we promise you’ll be the hit of the party. No one can resist something so scrumptious and savory.

4. Wild Rice Bacon and Onion

Sometimes life gets hectic and you don’t have the time to prep a full dish and let it sit. Good news is, Canoe Wild Rice has you covered. Introducing your new go to side dish. Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Got a pack of bacon and some onions lying around? Grab some wild rice and heat up some deliciousness.

5. Broccoli Wild Rice Casserole

You can’t go wrong with a good, hearty casserole. There may be veggies inside, but this recipe is so good even the kids will want to eat it.

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