4 Fresh Ideas For Wild Rice Summer Salads

Posted: August 13, 2018

What wild rice soup is to winter, wild rice salads are to summer.

There’s something about that earthy flavor that – when paired in a cool salad – makes for a refreshing, simple summer meal. It’s light, but still keeps you satisfied.

Wondering how to pair? Take a stab at one of these four flavor combinations:

  1. Crisp Veggies

Fresh produce just tastes like summer. Diced bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus or zucchini perfectly play off of the chewiness of the wild rice, like in this recipe for a salad with creamy basil vinaigrette dressing.

  1. Something Sweet

Wild rice has a naturally nutty taste. Contrast that hearty texture by throwing light, sweet strawberries and blueberries into your wild rice salad. You can even top with a sweet vinaigrette, like honey-lemon. The combination is not only refreshing, but it looks great too – perfect to bring along to a baby shower or potluck.

  1. Put a Twist on the Classics

One of the most classic rice dishes is rice and beans. That’s because it’s easy, inexpensive and tastes good. But it can get boring.

You can change it up by keeping the base of the recipe – rice and beans – and adding in fun details. For example, wild rice and black beans taste great together. Spice it up with poblano peppers, garlic, corn, cilantro and lime juice.

  1. Vary the Flavor

The trick to any salad is keeping the flavor interesting. For every flavor you add, you should always bounce it off with another.

For example, say you add fruit to play off of the nutty wild rice flavor. Add salty feta cheese to bounce off of both of those flavors. Or try peppery arugula or tangy lemon. Don’t be afraid to add ingredients to fill out the salad. Take risks, and have fun with it!

Wild rice is the perfect base for your summer salad. You can find the best rice at Canoe, trusted for four generations. It’s also convenient, and fresh-roasted daily right here in Minnesota.

With these tips in town, the prep work for your summer salad just got easier!