This Summer, Enjoy the Sweeter Side of Wild Rice

Posted: June 1, 2016

Wild Rice Dessert Recipes

In the summer months, we find ourselves at more outdoor events—family reunions, picnics, vacations to the lake, or sometimes just entertaining guests. And even though the days of hot soup are behind us for a season, we can still incorporate the flavors and health benefits of wild rice into heatwave-friendly treats, like these dessert recipes (yes, dessert!). Test them out and enjoy the sweeter side of wild rice!

Wild Rice Pudding

Trying to cut back on starch, but have a soft spot for rice pudding? Swap out the white rice and use wild rice instead! A bit of almond milk, coconut milk, and brown sugar added to wild rice makes a deliciously sweet twist on your grandmother’s recipe.

Wild Rice Cookies

Sounds a bit unusual, but it’s worth a try! Monster cookies have oatmeal, wild rice cookies have, well … wild rice. Complement your cookies with dried fruit or chocolate chips. Just like the classic, wild rice cookies are certainly up for adaptations depending on your personal taste.

Manatoba maple wild rice pudding

Want to try a whole new recipe with its own distinct flavor? This confectionery creation may take a while to make, but the execution is fairly simple. Just simmer, mix, bake, and stir occasionally, and you’ll soon have a new favorite summer treat.

Want more wild rice eats and treats? Check us out on Pinterest. From all of us at Canoe Wild Rice, have a tasty summer!