Spring Wild Rice Salads You’ve Never Tried… Yet!

Posted: March 23, 2017

Spring Wild Rice Salads

It can be easy to forget about wild rice now that spring weather is approaching. However, with a plethora of delicious plants and fresh vegetables coming in season, there are so many tantalizing flavors to complement your wild rice!

Often times people get stuck in a holiday rut of pairing wild rice with turkey, cranberries, or squash. But wild rice is so much more versatile than that! If you haven’t experimented with other recipes beyond stuffings and pilafs, now is the time to venture into the amazing world of wild rice. Try out these fresh spring salads as sides or the main dish for a meal that is both flavorful and nutritious.

  1. Spring Wild Rice Salad

Wild Rice takes center stage in this simple, yet robust, vegetarian dish. The almond dressing accents the nuttiness of wild rice perfectly, while asparagus, chives, and split peas add a touch of vibrant spring color.

  1. Wild Rice & Quinoa with Mushrooms & Asparagus

This hearty salad blends basmati and wild rice with quinoa for great texture! Toss in spring favorites of asparagus and mushrooms and finish with a zesty lemon and thyme dressing for a dish that’s sure to please.

  1. Spring Gratitude Greens Salad

The variety of fresh springtime textures, tastes, and colors in this salad is second to none! A Dijon mustard-lemon dressing over greens, radishes, celery, fennel, cucumber, avocado, and so many other delicious items will have your taste buds dancing. You’ll be grateful you tried it!

  1. Sprouted Wild Rice with Pistachios & Spring Vegetables

While it may take a few days to prepare, sprouting wild rice is a fun and simple way to enjoy it raw. It’s very easy to do, so don’t ignore this recipe if you’ve never done it before! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sweet flavor of sprouted wild rice in this salad, dressed in citrus and spicy mustard.

The best thing about salads is that ingredients can be switched up to your liking. Feel free to swap out various leafy greens, citrus fruits, or whatever your palate prefers! Another great bonus is there’s little to no cooking. Prepare a large batch of wild rice in advance to keep in the fridge – so then you’ve got a quick and healthy meal ready to go in less than a half hour!

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