Tortellini Wild Rice Salad

Here’s a fun wild rice salad that can be prepared the night before you serve it. It’s simple, colorful, and delish! This easy dish is also vegetarian-friendly — perfect for potlucks, family picnics, and everyday meals.

Posted in: Potluck, Salads


2 Cups Cooked Wild Rice, chilled

2 Cups Cooked “al-dente” Tortellini, rinsed with cold water to stop the cooking process

1 Cup Grape Tomatoes, sliced in half

1/2 of a Medium Red Onion, sliced how you like

A handful of sliced Black Olives (optional)

3/4 Cup of Italian Dressing

Crumbled Feta Cheese to Sprinkle On Top (optional)


Mix all ingredients and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, but preferably overnight. Keeps very well. Enjoy!