Traditionally Batch Roasted Wild Rice


At Canoe Wild Rice, we take care of our product right from the beginning by handling the perishable green rice in a timely manner. This ensures the freshly harvested quality is maintained through our batch roasting stabilization process. Every load is inspected in house to ensure you’re getting the finest quality product on the market.

  • Grown in Minnesota (Cultivated)
  • Nutrient-rich and all natural
  • Great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Premium wild rice
  • Gluten-free by nature
  • No preservatives or additives

Available in 6 oz. and 12 oz. boxed sizes or 2 x 1 lb., 6 x 1lb., and 12 x 1lb. bags.

*Shipping included (lower 48).

**Canoe Wild Rice Retail Rebates are for in store purchases only. This means rebates are excluded from online sales and/or phone orders. Canoe utilizes a rebate program to give you the customer a better deal on in-store purchases.

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Each box contains individually sealed 6oz poly bags of wild rice (2 Pouches for 12oz) – we take the extra step to ensure that rice is sealed up tight for that trip to your store and/or home.

This pure wild rice is an established blend specification to meet the criteria of the cooking instruction on the package; every batch we produce we cook ourselves to make sure it meets our strict standards.

The 6/6 and 6/12oz sizes are retail boxes; while the 16oz sizes area resealable poly bag. This Pure Wild Rice is an established blend specification to closely match the cooking directions on the package. This rice is cultivated in Minnesota but every batch can vary slightly in cooking times. If the kernels haven’t blossomed entirely simply extend the simmer step in the cooking directions. Another great way to prepare wild rice is in an instapot.

Nutritional Information

Freshly Roasted Wild Rice 6oz Nutritional Info Freshly Roasted Wild Rice 12oz Nutritional Info16oz Wild Rice Nutrition Dark and Long Cook

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