Benefits of Wild Rice

Posted: November 2, 2015

Why choose wild rice?

When choosing what you want to make for dinner, we know that having a healthy yet hearty meal is always ideal. What better way to take care of you and your family than to fill them with food that not only benefits your health, but also tastes delicious? Here at Canoe, we’re dedicated to providing wild rice that compliments any meal you make! But why wild rice over others?

To start, wild rice isn’t a rice at all. It’s actually the seed of a particular type of grass that grows prevalently in the Great Lakes Region. When compared to white and brown rice, wild rice is different—both on the inside and outside. You already know that it’s much darker looking than other rice. But it’s also lower in calories and carbohydrates, while being richer in protein and fiber—nearly twice as much as brown rice.

Another treasure of wild rice’s nutrition is the variety of minerals it offers, including iron, zinc, and magnesium. Each of these minerals plays a significant role in keeping our bodies strong and healthy. To name a few specific benefits, they help us produce more energy while keeping our hair, skin, and nails extra healthy.

All of these factors combined make Canoe Wild Rice an ideal companion to those seeking a healthy family meal. Ready to go shopping? Find a grocer near you, and happy cooking!